Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Forty plus and tired

Morning Weight: 201.4lbs

I'm going to try and remember this (from men's health discussion forums): Relax before bed. No TV for 1 hour before bed, listen to softer music, read something light and non-challenging, take the time to just be. Do not drink alcohol before bed, and cut the caffeine early in the day.

I also find that prayer helps. A conversation with God straightens out everything in my mind and helps me get it out.

You may have a bad sleeping situation like an uncomfortable bed, noisy/bright bedroom, or something like that. Try white noise. A friend of mine did that and suddenly started sleeping.

Of course, if you have been having trouble since age 4, you may have a medical problem. Sleep specialists can help.

Meals (recorded periodically in FitDay)

Br: Quaker Feaster
Lu: BF Whey Protein
Sn1: Raspberry Royale
Sn2: V8

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I've made it to Forty

6.00 am Weight: 202.8lbs

My daughter was the first one to say Happy Birthday. Generous presents were received from the children, Nathalie, Sara and Mum. The family have picked up on the fact that they think I need to keep my skin in condition. Sara went for something longer term which will require maintenance.

Meals (recorded periodically in FitDay)

Br: Food Doctor Cereal bars (3)
Lu: Cream doughnut
Sn1: Fresh fruit
Sn2: Crisps and brunch bar
Dn: Paella
Sn3: Birthday chocolates
Sn4: Whole nut chocolate, 2 scones

Workout: 5-a-side football