Sunday, November 09, 2008

Daily Spend – Bonfire party

Weighed in at a svelte (for me these days) 212lbs. Must be water loss though so be interesting to see how much goes back on over the weekend. We had an early start so as to get The Son’s hair cut (£5) and for me to do my marriage course homework with The Fiancee. The Son was in a mood early doors as he wanted to play on his Xbox but had to be woken from his slumber leaving him no time before we were out the door. Mercifully there wasn’t a queue at Mr T’s so we were done there for 0920. I’d seen an offer for Gears of War 2 for the Xbox at Morrisons (£29.99) and I wanted to get some fireworks which were to have been gotten from The Chinese Fireworks place but at half-price (£24.50) they missed out on our business. I made The Son give me £20 for the game. The bonfire party was excellent – the lovely hosts said we needn’t have brought any fireworks years of parental training mean this is hard to do – turn up empty-handed. These expenses were again not planned. Got a stroppy bill from npower (former gas supplier) for £84.01 so paid that online. Now the debt snowball amounts have been set I paid the amount planned to Amex this month.  


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