Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Forty plus and tired

Morning Weight: 201.4lbs

I'm going to try and remember this (from men's health discussion forums): Relax before bed. No TV for 1 hour before bed, listen to softer music, read something light and non-challenging, take the time to just be. Do not drink alcohol before bed, and cut the caffeine early in the day.

I also find that prayer helps. A conversation with God straightens out everything in my mind and helps me get it out.

You may have a bad sleeping situation like an uncomfortable bed, noisy/bright bedroom, or something like that. Try white noise. A friend of mine did that and suddenly started sleeping.

Of course, if you have been having trouble since age 4, you may have a medical problem. Sleep specialists can help.

Meals (recorded periodically in FitDay)

Br: Quaker Feaster
Lu: BF Whey Protein
Sn1: Raspberry Royale
Sn2: V8


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