Friday, April 21, 2006

52 Day Challenge - Day 30

Wt: 201.2lbs (+1.2 or -0.8 [52DC] depending on what we're talking about, see below)

In terms of the wager with Nathalie and Dale I'm over my starting weight (200lbs), still. This, I hope, is due to the after effects of excessive eating on the Red Sea cruise undertaken 6-13 April. I do like my cakes though and am thankful that, given the number of sweet things I consume, I'm only this big. I think I had a good nights sleep of at least 6 hours. Must get serious about this aspect of my life, especially if I want to be able to enjoy the daylight hours.

Br: BF Whey Protein Shake
Sn1: BF Whey Protein Shake
Lu: BF Whey Protein Shake
Sn2: BF Whey Protein Shake
Dn: Chicken Breast
Sn3: Prawns
Sn4: Buns(!)
Sn5: Macadamias and dried cranberries


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