Friday, March 24, 2006


52DC2: Spring: Day 2

0600: 199.2lbs

Breakfast with Mum and Thea was nice but we missed Nathaniel who's away at The Oakes Residential until Friday. Had a 'fasting' middle to the day which again I kept up until I got home. Thinking it was the parenting class pub night I decided to squeeze in a gym session. I used the machines to exercise most muscles but not my legs in anticipation of doing 35 minutes on the treadmill. I'm only doing 10kph!

As regards clean eating I guess the starving during the day is making me too hungry in the evenings but there's also a certain amount of boredom.

Br: Oatso w/ milk
(at work) 1 cups of green tea
Sn1: Sugar free chewing gum
Ln: Nothing
Dn: Pastrami
Sn2: Exotc fruit & Nut; Crisps; 3 mini bread rolls
Sn3: 2 bags chocolate peanuts
Sn4: 1 bag chocolate brazils, crisps, orange juice


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