Sunday, February 19, 2006

I'm really hefty now

We had a good couple of days at their grandparents. Mrs Chance loves to feed you. I am stuffed but I made it worse on the way home by buying some M&M's with the sugar free red bull. It was a slow journey home at the start but when I put on some 'pumping' tracks things went with a blast. The children slept from beginning to end of the motorway part of the trip then stayed to talk to Granny Bernadette.

Saturday was busy. I went for a nice run with Sara first thing. Trust us to pick the day that it was below zero. 3 miles around Damflask Reservoir. We both needed to walk at times but Sara did well as she hadn't run since May 2005. My knee was a bit stiff later on.

Dave kindly said yes to taking Thea to Sarah's birthday party and with Nathaniel being taken to Alistair's swimming party I was able to get to Anfield with Richard to see the Reds take on Liverpool. Their support were throwing plastic bottles and coins at us at the end even though they'd won the game. Nasty injury to Alan Smith.

I'm still eating junk. On the way home I bought a KFC variety meal. Not content with that I had a bag of macadamia and cranberries.


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