Friday, April 21, 2006

52DC - Day 31

6.00 am Weight: 201.6lbs

Went to the doctor about my finger (detached tendon), bunnion and skin rash. Two need surgery to correct and the skin irritation hopefully will be clear up with the steroid cream I was prescribed. The skin thing may have been caused by my Polar chest strap so I not going to be able to use it.

At this moment I'm not happy to go for surgery.

Meals (recorded periodically in FitDay)

Br: 1 mug coffee
Lu: diet coke
Sn: sugar free gum

Workout: full-body weightlifiting circuits

Body: 2 sets; [ex: (reps): total wt: (method)]

squats (10): 180, 180 (BB)
bench press: (10): 100, 100 (50 lb DBs)
military press: (10): 45, 45 (DB)
bent-over row: (10): 100, 100 (BB)
upright rows: (10): (cable)
preacher bicep curls: (10): 50, 50 (EZ-Bar)
tricep pushdown: (10): (cable)


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