Monday, November 10, 2008

Future In-Law’s birthday

The Son was playing up again throughout the whole trip to Bradford. He’s better than I at expressing his feelings but I’m not good at coping with that. The Fiancee did well but I think it wore her out too. I’ve read somewhere that only The Son can control how he feels or should I say only we can control how we feel. We may be upset by other people but its up to us how we react.

Unplanned spending was £9.29 for flowers and chocolates. I had just enough diesel to get up there and back so delayed filling at the station until Monday.

Took my youngest brother to the Odeon – for him to see Quantum of Solace with another brother.

Lent my telly to The Fiancee. Told her not to rush to return it. The Son sees this as me pushing him away – the children like to play in my bedroom.


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